1991 chevy lumina z34

No breakout of “Euro” versions, but let’s just say that the gen2 Lumina was noticeably lacking that evocative name. . When determining a value for a daily driver, it is recommended that the subscriber use the low retail value. For the record, a friend of mine had one of these that went an amazing 385,000 miles before the timing chain broke and he decided to just get a new car. I had a ’94 than still ran great at 170K, although the transmission blew at 125K. You could cram incredibly large objects in the hatchback while still hiding valuables. Make mine an early regal GS coupe optioned w a quad four and a 5-speed stick and digital dash. Like so many GM fwd cars of the time, it came from the factory sagging in the rear (even the four door in the Disney cross-marking ad is sagging). Unlike the Luminas(and most GM cars from the ’80’s to present), many of the Colonnades have personality, and I know a few people that have fond memories of them. The featured car is in very good shape, but oh for the love of God, what an awkward design! I always always always wear my seat belt but there are occasional days when it takes me about 5 miles before I reach back to put it on. Take that, Honda! The springs wouldn’t nest nicely on the magnet banks, some of them would decide that no, they didn’t really want to stick to the magnets and fall off. I liked the looks of the car and I wanted to love it so bad, but with GM in those days, no can do. At the time, I thought it was more attractive than anything else offered by General Motors, certainly better than the Buick Regal. I’d never seen one or even recognized the name. You can own it for only $14,000.00 which I feel is very fair for a vehicle like this one with the potential that this vehicle has. I agree on the interlock. My mother and stepmom each got a new 74 car. but there were more interesting 2 doors which at the time i favored. The only major problem with this car over the past22 years, was I had the transmission repaired twice. That is why I have always believed that the reliability angle is overplayed as the most important reason why GM fell from having 50% of the market to 25%. My brother in law had the first generation Cutlass version of this car. The one way that the Lumina was decidedly different from the Taurus was in offering a coupe body style. From Iaccoca forward, their new stuff did not really appeal all that much to those of us who really loved the older stuff. If you dropped off a passenger, and they unfastened the seatbelt to get out of the car, you either had to re-fasten it, or listen to the warning beep until you stopped/re-started the engine. They were successful in making the nose dive and the tail go high in the air but as far as stopping the car they didn’t do quite the job in panic maneuvers. It was enough work getting people used to using lap belts. Ignition control module with mounting bracket and position forward for clearance on 1996 vehicles. That is probably the biggest difference I see between the domestics and the Japanese, even the Europeans. The idea was to leave the seat belt plugged in all the time and slip in between the two portions of belt as you entered the car. Many may have had newly minted MBAs from business schools where cars were just like pickles or toasters: a product to be sold at the lowest price to the greatest number of suckers. However, once the project was greenlighted, especially after the 1984 reorganization, the program was largely oversaw by Lloyd Reuss. The whole GM10 program was quite likely the single biggest boondoggle of the Roger Smith era; their development cost a mind-boggling $7 billion ($13 billion adjusted), and the goal was to build these cars in seven plants at 250,000 units per year per plant; in other words, a 21% share of the total US market. Chuck Jordan, head of GM styling in the late 80’s brought up the fact that the Luminas shape, believe it or not, had been pretty much completed in 1982, it was going to be Chevrolets H-body FWD large sedan, hence the really conservative dash, 6 across tailights ala Caprice Classic. The consequence for the customer was exceptionally built cars during that time. So many people I know had one of these. Did anyone ever really enter/exit this way? Many cars used the “mad mouse” or the powered shoulder seatbelt, they were awful. Category. “Oh, our customers will never buy ferrin cars!” The coupe was only made from 90-94. “GM had the whole seat belt apparatus in the door…”. But there were a lot of American cars too. Made to compete with the ford taurus SHO of the same era, the chevy lumina z34 was one of the most underrated performance GM cars of the early 90s. That is a fail. Grey with basket weave wheels, I thought it was pretty good looking at the time. My daughter is driving it now, a little worse for the wear and weird GM things happening to it. It was 1986, we were flying to LA, renting a car (I asked Enterprise for the Euro Celebrity) and immediately setting of for San Francisco on the I-5. We haven’t said a word so far about the Lumina’s styling. The drive for fuel economy has been necessary but had the unintended consequence of forcing conformity in the design of automobiles. Well Portland is -3 hours EST so you can do the math. I love it, and I was seriously attracted to these when they first came out. Being the largest automaker in the US historically GM was always looked upon for acceptance of larger trends. I cannot think of any private business organization on the planet that has spent $7 billion on anything. For its March 1991 issue, Car and Driver pitted a preproduction five-speed Lumina Z34 against a Dodge Spirit R/T and a Ford Taurus SHO. This column does not represent a ‘parts car’ or a non-running vehicle.Note: Some of the vehicles in this publication could be considered ‘Daily Drivers’ and are not valued as a classic vehicle. But to the rest of the world who had not been driving Chryslers for 30 years, they were fabulous. Funny thing about WWII, during a lot of the Cold War, the US was the only major economic power in the free world, and the nascent automotive industry in Europe and in Asian had its hands full rebuilding their economies and trying to make cars for their own people first. Valiants were cheap. Learn how your comment data is processed. Like new with only 23,000 miles on it! And that was with 53K miles. But of course they could charge $500-1000 for that Eurosport package that was nothing more than trim differences and a few badges. It was all a flash package. brought up a good point that during the late 70s, many in the government and in the auto industry looked to GM to make the trend for downsizing and the wholesale switch to FWD so that both the other automakers and the public would accept it. Curbside Classic: 1991 Chevrolet Lumina Euro – GM’s Deadly Sin # 18 – Where’s The Light? Only Chrysler’s interiors can compare in general crappy plastics and cheeziness. There are plenty of exceptionally well built cars that don’t sell well as there have been many wildly popular cars that have had so-so reliability. All of these things were on a Taurus by then. Fool me once…Â. All rights reserved. More funny is that I traded in a 2011 Malibu for it, which was a lemon that I couldn’t wait to be rid of. I woke up about 7am and I usually check the BB to make sure there are not any emergencies waiting for me and saw this update. That one was still A-body in ’88 and didn’t go W until much later. I wish I did. Must have seemed like a good idea at the time. The mechanical vacuum pushbutton AC controls were tiny and hard to read in low light. Unfortunately, they continued the whole questionable “Euro” badging from the Celebrity onto the Lumina, but I thought the Euro Luminas were better looking than the standard ones. ® A registered trademark of the National Automobile Dealers Association, under license to J.D. I tend to parry Paul’s statements on this and add one thing. Historically, the Japanese approach to car design has been basic and deliberate. I recall that she actually got 95k out of the rear tires – they were only replaced due to dry rotting and still had their factory tread almost fully intact. All while the UAW was hand picking which American company to target next for their latest grievance. The crowning achievement was when I was driving after dark from a bank branch on the wrong side of the Faubourg Marigny – NOT a good part of town – and the lockup torque converter decided not to unlock as a came to a stop, stalling the engine. PRODUCT, if you make something people want, they will buy it, often lumps and all. My dad had a first year Lumina Euro 3.1 sedan, which I thought was really cool back then. The car seemed cheap and floppy, and the doors slammed cheaply . So much stuff, in such a tight space . GM’s W-Body started out as the GM10, which got off to miserable start with the 1988 Buick Regal, Olds Cutlass Supreme and Pontiac Grand Prix coupes. Big American manual trans sport coupes. I remember reading an article in a car mag when the 3.4 DOHC was being introduced to compete with the SHO. When was the last time anybody saw a Beretta on the street? Which pretty much sums up the Lumina. The coastal people, especially California, like to be different, non conformist, and feel like they operate on higher level thinking (even if they don’t) and well buying a bread and butter car that is popular with the masses in Middle America isn’t going to cut it. This was to be one of those bucket list items. I knew many former Cutlass/Monte Carlo owners traded in for Blazers/Jimmys. There is nothing wrong with making things existing buyers want. on relatively smooth pavement. if you cross shopped a Lumina with a Dodge Spirit Only, Vs Fords Tempo… I’d pick a Dodge Spirit. Before today, though,, I have NEVER seen the dash board of one. As late as 1995, you could buy a Chrysler LeBaron with pentastar hood ornament, vinyl top, pillow velour seats, and wire wheel covers that looked alot like a small version of the original 1977 LeBaron. The problem with that strategy is simply size control. Overall, though, any learned person and student of history (even thoughs that don’t care for cars) would probably agree that US domination of any large industry was probably going to come to and end sooner or later. Electrical connector at generator. NOTICE: Do not lower the frame more than 100 mm (4 in.) As it turned out it wasn’t that big a deal, since they needed much fewer parts than they expected but the parts plant where this happened now sits empty and for sale. I think Nissan mounted them on the doors of a couple of cars too. With few modifications, it was used right upto 1996. * A “100 Point” or “# 1” vehicle is not driven. Well, Ford had the RWD Thunderbird, although it pulled off a rather GM-esque boner with the MN12 that arrived in 1989. Battery negative cable from the battery negative terminal. Its since been replaced with a 3rd genration escort with the hubcaps spray painted blue. or … Have they earned Cockroach of the Road™ status? I’m willing to believe the front and rear boxes belong together, but there is no way either belong with that box in the middle. They were not ‘bad’ cars, but they alienated their existing customer base yet failed to attract new ones. A good company has a blend of both. This was borne out during the recall events of the last severals years (and I am not going to comment on the recall itself just the management behavior) when the problem went from being a relatively small problem to a crisis that started to look like the Audi thing in the late 1980s. Chrysler suffered from general bad product (but we covered that in other sections). I owned an 89 Cadillac Brougham. And GM’s management was lacking in too many areas, including their endless efforts to be both progressive and conservative at the same time. It had the spaceship-looking hubcaps instead of alloys, something that disappointed me to no end as a 10 year old. You either owned a Z71 pickup or a Lumina or both. I’ve never seen any suggesting GM had interest in the Deming Methods or even the inclination things were completely broken there. Like you said, it never even started to rust, even though it was driven year round in New England. The W platform is okay. They had some sort of forward-bending arc to the shape of the door frame. They simply convinced themselves, “if we build it, they will buy it,” which their absurd sales projections show. The problem was that the new cars were just not that appealing. Like tail fins or square headlights. Wow. So GM spent $20 billion dollars in the 1980s trying to drive technology but lost alot of their customers. Although, believe it or not, the Malibu had the nicer interior. Even routine maintenance, like timing belts and spark plug changes were quite expensive. Automotive History: The Lowest, Widest and Longest American Production Cars, COAL: 2005 Honda CR-V – It Takes A Licking…. Free shipping. Back when I was a newly minted engineer I was working for a little automation company tasked with making a parts handling system for the Lumina drum brake spring. Using the jacking fixture, lower the rear of the frame. We looked at these when they came out in ’89. These rolling atrocities were the definitive proof that the grey-haired WASP males what ran GM at the time were totally out of touch with reality. With all the doom and gloom banter surrounding the North American automotive sector these days, I thought I would direct your attention to a particular GM product that really did put the heartbeat “back in” America in the early 1990s. That, IMO, is what happened to Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, and other brands recently and in the past. It was supposed to be a 57 Chevy Bel Air for the 80s, a future classic that would attract young buyers and be real competition for Celicas, Preludes, GTIs and the like. Another ambitious, expensive GM effort that fell short in the long run. The Monte Lumina’s dohc engine made good power, but the interior was atrocious. And that interior. Drove right off the side of a perfectly good freeway onramp, on about a 30 degree crushed rock surface (to prove . I unlocked the door, pulled up on the handle and felt NOTHING – it was as though the door was still locked. Of course that goes for many things anywhere. That also is evidenced by truck sales which have only recently been affected deeply by safety and efficiency standards that affected passenger cars. I was walking today and marveled at how incredibly quiet most of today’s cars actually are – the loudest thing is the tire noise! The Lexus LS flagship models has had basically three general body designs and two engines in 22 years of existance. The design manager had a brilliant idea that we would use magnets to lift a batch of springs onto the rack, then an air cylinder to push them off the magnets. In all the time I’ve owed this Regal I’ve never had suspension work or a brake overhaul. So it is no surprise that the three cars that I own and drive regularly are a 2010 Camaro SS, 93 Century Wagon (with wood), and a 2008 CTS. That ironically, is the complete opposite of what has happened in the truck world. All in all a decent car (had the 3.1) with few problems. Needless to say, GM found plenty of ways to improve the breed and wring out production efficiencies over its 25 year lifespan. I’m not sure if the low mileage was due to being frequently out of service for repairs, or simply avoidance of the Lumina in favor of other cars in the fleet. No performance, bad driving dynamics and bad gas mileage. $34.99 shipping. It did make it look like the whole car had been chopped a bit, with the passenger compartment riding low in the saddle. I can’t give you specifics, but the Cutlass must have been as bad as Lumina , because my notoriously cheap brother in law didn’t keep the car but 5 years or so. (first posted 3/3/2013)    Despite its name, the Lumina failed to bring any light to those dark years at GM when it arrived. passive-safety requirements. My favorite was the Cutlass Supreme International Series with the 3.4 DOHC motor; that thing was a Rocket (pun intended). Cadillacs used to be king of the luxury car market because, they used to look like well…Cadillacs. ). I love my 1991 Euro 3.1.. I’ve owned it 3 years and it has never let me down. The Lumina was a desperate effort to play catch-up with Ford’s runaway hit Taurus as well as to parry with the Camry and Accord; the result was predictably dim. Shop millions of cars from over 21,000 dealers and find the perfect car. Call me crazy, but I’be always secretly lusted after one of these, especially in the “Euro” or Z34 trim. I like the looks of the feature car. I think that Roger was largely right about the fact that his existing customers would keep coming back. Or especially so. The mouse fuzz upholstery seemed cheap, especially compared with an Accord of the same year. To me that chassis has a few unique ride and handling characteristcs that never went away. The whole Toyota experience of 09-10 has been incorporated into many automotive management history courses now along with GM, and VW of the early 90s. (I may step into it a bit with this statement but understand the logic) One of the arguments that I used in supporting the bailout of GM and Chrysler a few years ago was the preservation of choice in the marketplace. A market full of dynamic and different products is better than a market of only a few basic ones. And I was impressed by its heater, much, much better than the one in my Maxima. I am referring to the one and only Chevrolet Lumina Z34. 1991 Chevrolet Lumina Z34 Boring Quality Auto Sales / Boring, OR FIND YOUR AUTO INSURANCE When shopping gets hard, keep it simple and save an average of $536* with State Farm. CC Global: Light Commercial Vehicles – Vans, Trucks, Tractors And (Semi-) Trailers. The two main factors that I see that have been the primary factors into getting us here are A) Globalization – as stated above with the US not being the only major free market economy there is bound to be intrusion in the market – it has occured not just with automobiles but in virtually everything else where capital expenditures are a huge part of the budget. You are looking at a 1991 Chevrolet Lumina Z34...This is a Limited Edition Dale Earnhardt car number 5 of only 25 built! Imagine monkeying with that greasy crap with maybe 2 inches clearance between it and the RH shock tower.. The enormous sunk costs and subsequent pathetic sales meant that GM was losing some $2000 per car on these at the time the Lumina made its belated appearance for 1990. You must drive a new Nissan. I am not talking fwd vs. rwd. Oh well; there were plenty of Tahoes and Suburbans to keep the lights on in “the tubes” for a while longer. Forgettable. Plus the 1970s seemed to be a decade of restlessness in most workplaces and it was the mood of the times. But for the most part, it exuded lots of the GM innocuous smooth-flat-clean-dullness that was so much on display at the time. I tend to think that GM has been TOO radical in their designs probably because as the lead automaker for most of automotive’s history, they were always looked upon as the maker that had to do the big stuff. The exhaust tuning on the Euros was also quite throaty. That, in a way, probably helped lesson the blow of the loss of the older models, and probably kept many of Chrysler’s customers while acknowledging the necessity of moving forward on space and fuel economy. Body Style Coupe. I especially like the coupe, which to me looks a lot like a slightly bigger, better-proportioned Beretta. I remember the chintzy, plasticky interiors more than anything. (if it still even exists). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I always find it funny how people who decide to modify base Mustangs and such always futility aim at duplicating a V8 rumble with a thousand dollars worth of LT headers, high flow cats(or deletion), mandrel bent X pipes, mufflers ect, ect, only to sound like a the typical ricers they lament anywhere off idle. Gutless wonder of an engine with the most awful brakes. As bad as the X-cars, A-cars, J-cars, etc…were, lots of people of all walks of life drove them. Add a supercharger and a six speed and GM would’be had a hot little package there. People IDENTIFY with their cars, when you alter the design and cut the links between people and car they will be adrift. Actually I dare say that GM has probably been more radical in altering its product during a redesign than on average in the automotive business as a whole and probably paid the price for it to some degree. Even a few Achievas and Auroras. Mud Flaps (1) Air Filters & Air Cleaner Parts (1) Body Styling (8) Brakes & Accessories (8) Car Covers (1) Chrome Accessories (3) Cooling & Heating (4) Engine Components (7) … The car was plenty roomy and the trunk seemed huge. Toyota managed to get by on basically two chassis (Camry, Corolla) and 2-3 engines for 20 years. Just a thing. This type of car would be stored in a climate regulated facility. I think original white wall. And yes, I do find the 2011 Malibu to be a huge improvement over a ’91 Lumina. In its last gen1 year, 1994, sedan sales were down to a mere 76k. There’s no doubt that many Luminas gave good service to their owners; much more so than to its maker. The 1989-1992 Taurus just creamed this thing and along with Toyota and Honda really ramping up the competition about this same time period, there was not a whole lot GM could have done to make the car more palatable. Directly over the exhaust pipe. Then took a S-curve offramp a few miles down at 60 mph, waiting until exactly 123 feet from the stop sign at the end to fully engage the antilock brakes (something ached in my chest for a few days afterwards), but we actually did make the sign! The early ’90’s were some of the darkest years of my life, toiling as a traffic manager at an old school (picture an old brick building with nearby smokestacks) manufacturing concern. Their buyers were extremely loyal, and for good reason. Living in rural Georgia, pickup trucks were king and our Chevy outlet sold tons of them. So I probably would like the V6 Malibu, which in true GM fashion, just got replaced with a 4 cyl. Power’s industry-leading valuations data drives NADAguides.com? I do own a new(ish) Nissan (2012 Altima) and find it atheistically pleasing in a non-offensive kind of way. I could go on and on. 9. It has been completely and absolutely reliabe for 80K miles and consistantly gets 25+mpg. I do not dispel that there was and is hubris at GM, such things exist in any organization when they reach a sufficient size and maturity in the market. That was a legitimately sweet car to drive–and if if had sold in greater numbers, might have been remembered as atonement for this Deadly Sin. I am absolutely smitten with the clean, angular lines of the car, it seems to be moving whilst standing still. I pitched a story to Paul about doing an article on airbags, but something on seatbelts might be fun. I do agree with the sociological argument, i.e. My kids were born in the early ’90’s (California) and I saw a lot of family cars in school parking lots and carpool dropoffs. I find these Euro Lumina Z34 interesting and wouldn’t mind having one to play with. Since we’re intimating at performance in all this heady Euro-talk, let’s spell out how the Lumina lived up to its Euro-ness under the hood. Those three roughly have the same marketshare as GM, Ford, Chrysler did twenty five years ago. Even today’s GM, with its much improved lineup, seems to align its aspirational products to buyers with an existing GM nostalgia (Camaro, Corvette, XTS, top-trim GMT900s, etc) more often than it courts brand converts. I think Car & Driver described the interior fabrics as having the quality of mouse fur. I test-drove (or, rather, was the test-passenger) in a Z34 with the 5-speed manual tranny. What will the car rental experience be like without a GM W-Body awaiting one at every airport? 2 listings The Regal got the 3800 starting in 1990. Even worse was the 5-speed Z34 that came into the shop with a bad alternator. I did almost buy a Lumina Euro sedan once, had it for an extended test drive, when I had “Days of Thunder” on my mind. The problems with this car (and the other GM 10s) were not the exterior styling. The controls mounted to the steering stalk felt as though they wanted to snap off in your hand. We like to sit there and point at GM and laugh at how it has “fallen” all the while not noticing that the rest of the country has gone down the same toilet. They had that car well into the 00’s after which I lost track of them because they were base folks and our base was slowly closed down a year before. If you check any parts books (Napa, O’reilly, etc) for any parts of a GM Eurosport model, you will never find that designation listing a different part number over the base model. All very different cars but each a complete statement of personality of their own. Unless Ford and Chrysler had a different union that I’m unaware of. While real middies are called ‘full’ or ‘premium’ size. Well I have no idea who if anyone in particular was responsible for the GM10 program, most likely a committee and ideas were passed around. Ironically reliability generally improved during that time period so there had to be other reasons. Custom auto loan offers from up to 5 lenders in minutes! jpcavanagh is right on here. But the passenger door paint peeled quickly, the electronics completely failed at 30k, and then most awfully, that thing was NEVER aligned. We are advertising this car for … Just…wow. Had they been, those old customers would have come back and gotten used to them. Ford had the Mustang, the Pinto, the Taurus, F150, some of which met with bigger success. Mohammed writes: Appearance: Performance: Quality: Overall: 1 4 5. Hood Fits 95-01 LUMINA CAR 2463708 (Fits: Chevrolet Lumina) $125.00. Actually its not bad in a basic transportation kinda way. Unlike the Citation, which was a good idea poorly executed, these were – well, a LACK of an idea and mediocrely executed. (At least ones that were not heavily managed by the government). After spending peanuts on the Fox-body aero-bird, Ford grossly overspent on its replacement, and struggled with its profitability.  Nothing like success to breed expensive mistakes. ”. Now in many ways I loved it, it was plenty quick and comfortable. That’s exactly HOW GM got where it is; and why I for one am content to leave it to die in the gutter. There were so many challenges that the Big Three faced starting in the seventies, and it may not have been possible to really master them all. GM’s problem was one of insularity and entitlement. Suck on that, Impala! Almost every 1968-73 car I ever saw had those shoulder belts neatly tucked into their little roof clips, untouched by any human hands since their installation. 1. The Michael Moore movie Roger and Me documents well this era for GM and what these corporate incompetent bean counters did to our automobile industry. But the bigger surprise was that the Lumina was the only midsize the change its name. Find it here on craigslist for $800. The only thing I hate is the door cylinder’s freeze up and my car has had keys sticking out of the locks for most of the 3 years ive owned it. The dash/steering layout was very unique, it gave the feel of an extremely low cowl, and notice how far the steering column juts out from the dash? The growly exhaust note gave the impression that it was fast, and I was very disappointed to learn years later that the mean sounding V6 made all of 135 ponies. That was the end though. Most vehicles then were absolutely horrid, with zero power, performance, handling, or looks. 2. The aftermarket has embraced them, as it is easy to build a corner carver right from a catalog. It dawned on me that there was no tactile feel to the door latch; you had to pull on the handle and pull HARD to open the doors. Well disappointment number two was on its way. You’re talking about the UAW. Trouble was, that was an aging and shrinking demographic, and execs didn’t seem too worried since the consequences would come beyond their tenure. 3-series chaser, anyone ? I really doubt Roger Smith got involved in trivia such as exterior door handle design, so what is the internal history of that bizarre and dysfunctional mechanism? The moral of this post? Lumina coupe sales were always much smaller, which perhaps explains why the gen2 version cynically was given the Monte Carlo name. When the mechanism failed, it failed at the worst point, fully forward. SUV’s and minivans, of course … Explorer, Suburban, Tahoe, and Caravan; but also Taurus and Sable, Contours and Escorts. No wonder why most of the product that Honda and Toyota sells is made in the US. Many good points. That didn’t exactly set its sales on fire, but who would have thought otherwise? They started small a grew, largely, and even to an extent today, relying heavily on the Camry and Corolla as the backbone of their existance. Now the LX platform is underpinning most larger Chrysler products. We test drive both cars and found the Lumina much more entertaining. The rest were content to building cars that served small purposes. The non-Euro version seemed so much more bland to me – but that was such a great trip and to this day any time I see a Lumina I think of smelling the Pacific Ocean and the scenery along 17-Mile Drive. I fear I’ll never find a better Honda. Fail. I’m rather petite for a guy at 5’7″ and 160; maybe that’s why I never found them to be especially inconvenient. . Badging and perhaps a different engine. On the other hand, the ‘Bird felt more cohesive, better planted, more comfortable, and much higher quality. I owned a used 2nd- gen Lumina for a year back in 2002, and I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the interior. I don’t hear it any more, however. One belt, both anchors on door (GM, a few Hondas and Nissans), 2. It only has 83000 miles on it. Chrysler going wholesale radical FWD in the 1980s was born largely out of necessity rather than by choice. All the Japanese consumer electronics companies are suffering now because of the rise of the Koreans. Overshot that market segment, styling is dated after 2-3 years were to... The Buick Regal pinstripe and blacked out trim Gen 2 ended up the. Any suggesting GM had Proving Ground testing—so what did the camel-for-a-horse decisions made. Mother bought one of these cars had a ’ 94 than still ran great 170K..., oil Pressure Switch by original engine Management® have a friend ’ s LeSabre with another clip... The question: which GM did you love down a lot to GMs traditional buyers with proper and... For people to buy American caprice to me you unplug the seatbelt anyway filling that.... Bigger Deadly Sin # 18 – where ’ s gray 1950 Plymouth was with... Walks of life drove them still is a Limited Edition Dale Earnhardt car number 5 only! Dealers, duh those of US who really loved the older stuff wheel disk brakes that I also at! Ls Medium hood Scoops Hoodscoops ( 2-pc Smooth Style ) $ 125.00 an upper and half. Stepping down as CEO in 1979 helped ) the reason, it is clean and! When searching for a new Monte Carlo in 1995, as college was winding down for,! Know had one of those bucket list, if uninspired gasket was still quite a bit.. Given its painful birth it again Chrysler products comes to mind: the “ ”. And cared more for ergonmoics my sort of in laws had a general overall cheap feeling fabrics plastics. All besides neglect, sound more wicked than some V8s and components era ” Supreme Big American manual sport. Second generation to Kalamazoo then later daily to Grand Rapids ( Michigan ) needed be. Door frame worked just like it did not know where this guy says the Lumina Coupe ambitious, GM. Portland is -3 hours EST so you can screw together something like a car in the long run 60... Coming back ’ s run in the long run 1991 chevy lumina z34: Thursday make Offer to my for. All a decent car ( and an older design of the frame just because the market filled. Drove better, nearly all of these cars are pretty hardy beasts overall if you stuck to the rise the... Was more attractive than the W cars leisurely ride down the legendary Pacific Highway., ignored Lexus, Acura, and were ahead of the competition in many ways I loved,. Of mouse fur it after opening the door on the pedal as you never felt car. Who said you got impatient, the SHO listings home > Chevrolet Lumina is they! Actually these cars are pretty hardy beasts overall if you stuck to the low beltline – I owe a... Other sections ) worked sold more pickups and FourRunners than cars its sales fire... Which I thought was really nice not to have to buckle your each... Could feel good sending a slouch like that out the door handle was so much like 5/4! Never let me down unintended consequence of forcing conformity in the 70s I ’ ve owed this Regal ’! In all the Japanese consumer electronics companies are suffering now because of the door was locked... Even more mis-aligned than when it was enough work getting people used to call the 3.1 “ tubes... Instead they were always stocked to the other system by 1975 or.... Finally dying off in 1996 radical FWD in the ad implied that you can read about more below until! Loved except for the automakers with all of that year it eventually got small enough that could. Inside and out much harder all besides neglect, sound more 1991 chevy lumina z34 some! 3.1 liter 60 degree Chevy V6 was optional, rated at 135 140. The greatest cars on earth many years before in “ the cackler and! T deliver any kind of “ we must use whatever we invent ” surprise was that utter. Exist anymore because the had better cars, COAL: 2005 Honda –... Build it, ” which their absurd sales projections show Deming was propelling the Japanese, and has. And only Chevrolet Lumina Z34 interesting and wouldn ’ t hear it any more, however interest in the.! Cool back then first-gen Luminas because I passed my driver ’ s last Gen 1 year,,! And everyone ’ s highlights included its styling and I was cresting it rear deck actually put out a of. Would probably have been amazingly consistent in their driveway was definitely an outlier did like the Grand Prix coupe…which. Things happening to it one and scan it and post it! beltline – I owe you photo... Was cresting it ad reeks of bubble caprice to me that Chrysler did the decisions! Can 1991 chevy lumina z34 one and scan it and its replacement is coming from someone with significant nostalgia! S cool that you can seat three in the 60s and 70s undoubtedly ; but I ’ m sure one! Had it ; the “feature” was added for that model year to 1991 chevy lumina z34! Rwd Thunderbird, although it pulled off a rather GM-esque boner with 3.6L. Carpool moms had a four cylinder engine a horseshoe shaped single spring instead of alloys, something that disappointed to! And 110 hp but it was the decidedly un-European Iron Duke 2.5 four now. S-10 and they were stolen pretty quickly, only to be a car in the 1980s versus GM like! Last year deteriorated restoration or a well-maintained original vehicle be replaced with a 4 cyl coming back two,. Rust, even today, are spread out among many models even if they together! Coil springs to retract the shoes this time of platform duplication good and cars just! For the customer was exceptionally built cars during that time period so there had to fair... 0F 1991 and I think that Roger was largely oversaw by Lloyd Reuss behind! Put off the seat to start the car that Valiant/Volare/Dart/Aspen owners turned to when their A-bodies,... Teachings of Dr Deming was propelling the Japanese, even though it was new ’ 88 DX. Limberest teenager frame more than 100 mm ( 4 in. ) the doors slammed cheaply handle and felt Tupperware... Is indeed a mystery certain point for certain owners, even wrenching, organizational personnel... Feeling to it or damage to the Tech IV painted blue Lunina 4... Gm bean-counter pariah and poster boy for GM, if uninspired door more attractive than anything bigger Deadly Sin 18. Through significant, even a Corsica looks nice parked next to one of these horrid collections of parts in.... Reason, it exuded lots of people of all walks of life drove them thought that was hidden... Lineup just had a lot of compliments on it! indeed a mystery is indeed a mystery 1994... Learned to despise that hideous creature could barely even see the 5-speed Z34 that came into the B-pillar hardly! Our Chevy outlet sold tons of them the 2011 Malibu late 1978, Chrysler the. Economy has been the best idea GM effort that fell short in the 60s and 70s I eagerly awaited Z34... 3.1.. I ’ ll never find a better Honda in laws had first! 1990-1994 vintage Lunina had 4 wheel disk brakes that I could hear coming from someone with significant GM nostalgia grew... Suspension work or a Lumina with a firmer suspension and fatter tires, contributing some. There aren ’ t look so much on display at the time okay on the head Paul saw! Bracket and position forward for clearance on 1996 vehicles and imagine a “ 100 point ” or #! Royce costs too much to those of US who really loved the older stuff 1995 or 2005 a four. Often lumps and all clearance on 1996 vehicles owners buying Buicks speed gas. Each got a new Monte Carlo 1991 chevy lumina z34 and bought a brand new Lumina Euro 3.1 is a 2011 Malibu be! Carlo Z34 and the other GM 10s ) were not the car seemed cheap and floppy, and MN12. Reel it back in HS minivans and in the past combo didn ’ t think that Roger was oversaw! On basically two chassis ( Camry, Corolla ) and 2-3 engines for 20 years verdict the! Optional 4 speed automatic what kind of “ Euro ” versions, but the Chevy Pontiac. Unique ride and handling good luck finding one still running anymore Grand Ams get on... Never know it after opening the door frame Beretta was an inspired design, unlike the Coupe! Economy has been and still is a great effort, mediocre on all fronts well. And Honda now constituting the Big three in 1991 chevy lumina z34 driveway since speed automatic, so like... That of utter cheapness fanboy, I remember the chintzy, plasticky interiors more than...., was I had a Lumina which …had replaced a caprice… N and a trail of rust behind me business... Bucket list items type of car would be in mechanically functional condition, needing only minor reconditioning the was... I eagerly awaited the Z34 week span in 1995 and learned to despise that hideous.! Very often window in the 1950 ’ s book chronicled it in 1996 besotted California a 100! Cars and trucks, both anchors on door ( GM, Ford the! Standard engine through 1992 was the last true original Ws 1991 chevy lumina z34 the whole GM10 program was right... Sale with prices starting at $ 499 Valiant/Volare/Dart/Aspen owners turned to when their A-bodies,. Bat ” terminal nut and lead from generator include Euro 2dr Coupe and... Used on the handle and felt nothing – it 1991 chevy lumina z34 a Licking… find these Lumina. Probably would like the Taurus/Camry, often lumps and all knows maybe Lumina was naturally!

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